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An interesting and informative talk at one of our support group meetings

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Amanda and Julie explained the benefits of excercise for cancer patients.
Medical research around the world now shows that appropriate excercise improves outcomes for cancer patients and survivors both physically and mentally.
Physically active breast cancer survivors reduce their risk of death by between 30-50%, Clorectal cancer 31% in cancer deaths and prostrate cancer 35-50% reduced risk of cancer deaths.

Exercise does not increase fatigue during treatment and can boost energy levels after treatment. It can reduce the impact of side effects and long term it can help recover physical function, manage fatigue, improve mental health and control body weight.

Physical activity can even help cancer patients receiving palliative care even in the last few months of life.

Obviously physical activity has to be matched to the patients age, frailty and ability. But even frail and elderly patients can benefit from toning, balancing and seat based exercise.
Julie and Amanda then demonstrated some very simple seat based resistance exercises which the group had fun trying.
Please contact us if you would like to know more about these exercises or anything to do with this talk.

Julie then described the many different local schemes and projects available to cancer patients to help them be more active.
The Up and Active referral scheme consists of 8 local centres with subsidised gym membership for three months ranging from £15 to £20 a month, (Help with funding the membership is also available) giving access to all facilities at that centre including any classes, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room etc, With one to one contact at each session with a fully qualified gym instructor who has had special training for cancer patients.

There is a swimming group specifically for cancer patients and carers at Ufford Park on alternate Wednesdays for 1.5 hours and is great fun.

There are several different walking groups.

For anyone interested in cycling there is Cycle Suffolk. This scheme brings bikes and a guide to you and your group and takes you for a cycle ride aimed at your fitness and ability.

For those of you in a village setting, Fit villages is a scheme where equipment and an instructor is provided in your village for a sport or exercise of your choice from yoga, fencing, boules, nordic walking etc

There is also the Care Farm at Ashfield-cum-thorpe.
Activities include caring for the animals, building projects, the jam making sounds amazing and you can even take stinky Joe the ferret for a walk.
Free taster days are available on Thursdays for cancer patients and carers until the end of the year. So why not do something different and book your free taster day now?

Many people think of exercise as going to the gym, running, keep fit classes but remember every time we move we are exercising, so don't forget to count, mowing the lawn, housework, gardening, climbing the stairs, cleaning the car, pushing the shopping trolley. when you start to think about it you will be suprised at what you actually do, do. Whatever you do, try to do a little more, work at a suitable pace for you, build up gradually. For advise on the appropriate exercise for you contact The Ipswich Cancer Information Centre at Ipswich Hospital, your Doctor or local Cancer Information Centre.

Above all else do something "YOU" ENJOY!!!

Remember sensible and safe exercise is sociable, can be fun and is good for you.

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