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Head & Neck Cancer So...What Happens Next? 

A Patient Pathway to Head & Neck Cancer

We have made this film to show from a patient's perspective what to expect, and some of the procedures that you might have to experience. We hope that viewing this film will help alleviate your fears and worries about some of the things you will have been told will happen. At the time of diagnosis it's not always easy to take it all in and the fear of the unknown always plays on our minds so we hope we can help explain and show you in simple terms what some of these things are.
This DVD is available free to all Head & Neck patients at Ipswich Hospital but if you would like to purchase a copy please email us with your details.
The cost is £15, this is how much it has cost us to make it plus the p&p only.

We would like to thank our sponsors and all those that helped in making this possible

Please move the cursor along if you would like to view the individual sections,1.59 Introduction and the Multi disciplinary team, 2.22 Oral hygiene, 3.16 Pathology, 4.59 Feeding tube, 6.02 Surgery, 7.43 Introduction to Oncology, 8.56 Oncology - Radiotherapy, 10.27 Radiotherapy - Mask making, 12.27 Radiotherapy - Planning, 15.41 Radiotherapy - Treatment, 18.40 Oncology - Chemotherapy, 21.49 Cancer Information Center, 23.32 The Ipswich Head & Neck Cancer Support Group, 24.36 Final words.

Late in 2010 the idea was put to the committee on how the group could provide a visual information aid to newly diagnosed head and neck cancer patients. We originally thought we could buy a video camera and walk through the hospital and film it ourselves. This, of course, was totally impracticable and unworkable. The permissions we needed and protocols that had to be adhered to meant, a more professional approach was required.

The first step was to get the necessary funding in place, no easy task in the present financial climate but we are lucky to have some very generous supporters and the funds were soon in place.

A professional film company was engaged to take on this, somewhat daunting task. Luckily the company, CSV Media and the producer Tanzi Bizounus, were well up to the task. Tanzi’s unending enthusiasm and the huge amount of experience she brought to the project ensured that it was finished to such a high standard.

All the people in the film are either former head and neck patients or health care professionals who gave their time freely and without complaint. All the staff at the hospital from medical staff to administrators are to be congratulated for the enthusiasm they showed towards the film.

The process of film making can be very long and complicated. Scripts have to be written and approved, locations found and getting people to the correct place at the right time were all problems that had to be overcome. Tanzi’s eye for detail also had to be accounted for and it was this experience that really made a difference to the finished film.

Filming started in June 2011 and continued for the next 3 months, not everyday, but it was certainly a very nervous time for all concerned. Next came the many voice overs we required and then on to the first edit. Our brief to the film company was that the film should be no longer than 30mins long and we always knew that editing was going to take longer than filming, especially as we had more than 20 hours of film. However, we needed a version to show to the group on 5th September 2011 and this was achieved due to a lot of late nights by the production team.

By the end of October 2011 the final edit was complete, the disc design finalised and a delivery of the finished product was delivered to the group.

The group’s objective to produce a visual information aid to newly diagnosed head and neck cancer patients has now been completed and the DVD is being given to patients at their diagnosis.

We, as a group, are very proud of what has been achieved. It wasn’t always easy but thanks to the help from all those concerned it was certainly worthwhile.

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